Den Bakker Dustcrusting Technology B.V. (dbd global) is an expert in dust control and prevention.
Dust is everywhere. It is not always visible, but often creates problems. Ever more stringent environmental legislation regarding dust control with sometimes very high fines when insufficient measures are taken is putting pressure on the management of many a company. Den Bakker Dustcrusting technology specializes in the control of dust, not only by cleaning the areas that are already dusty, but also and most importantly working to ensure that dust does not become a problem in het first place. Being heavily involved in this matter as a contractor for some 30 years, the company has developed a range of solutions to help with dust control, including a range of specially designed spraying vehicles each having particular capacities and performances to suit the needs of a specific site or condition.
The constant desire to improve led to the development of a very effective method to control dust, far better than spraying pure water: the Dustcruster ® technology.


We have a solution for tackling dust problems commonly connecteddustcruster dry to storage of large stockpiles of coal, coke, petcoke, iron ore and similar products.

The product is called Dustcruster dry® and consists of a selected blend of several types of cellulose fibers pressed into pellets. The advantage of using pellets instead of ready mixing product is that it can easily and cost effectively be transported and stored as dry bulk or in FIBC's (big bags) to the actuel site where it is needed.

Once on site, Dustcruster dry® can then be dissolved into the sprayable
product Dustcruster liquid® by adding water and using our specialdustcruster spuiten mixing installation.

Next step is to spray Dustcruster liquid® employing special spraying trucks covering the coal/iron ore stockpiles hence creating a tough and long-lasting and clearly visible white crust.



Material required:

  • Mixing installation:mengcontainer
    Capacity approx 45m3
    Equipped with a built-in electric mixer of 7,5 kW to be operated from outside of the container.
    2" filling connection with float valve.
    Electrical connection 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz.

          Warning: use only salt free water!

  • Spraying trailer: (to be towed by tractor)spraying tank
    Hot dip galvanized steel tank, chassid painted in red, capacity approx. 10.000 litres, twin axle, mud tyres; air brakes. Vacuum pomp for fast filling with Dustcruster liquid® or water. Centrifugal pump, connected to a spraying monitor. Both are specifically selected to allow the use of Dustcruster liquid® and water. The trailer is to be operated/pulled by a tractor of at least 135hp, with suitable PTO and two hydraulic connections, one connection having a minimum of 113 litres per minute. Approx. dimensions: L x W x H / m: 7,30 x 2,55 x 3,50


  • Crane for fast and easy loading of the big bags.mengcontainer met kraan
    Mounted on the side of the mixing container, autonomous. Electrical connection 3 x 400 V / 50 Hz With electric/hydraulic unit


  • Supply of FIBC's (big bags) Dustrcuster dry® containing approx 800 kg per FIBC. (= allowing the production of approx. 3.200 litres Dustcruster liquid®) Maximum effective solution is 3 litres Dustcruster liquid® per m2 for crusting petcoke, but for crusting less dusty materials we recommend only 2 litres per m2. In practice, however, we know from experience that less Dustcruster liquid® is actually used as one will not spray roads, etc.. It should als be noted that less Dustcruster liquid® is required per m2 to make up for disturbances after digging, driving over etc...